2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollar

The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollar (Buy on eBay) was issued as part of the popular commemorative coin program recognizing and celebrating the 75th anniversary of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Unlike the other two coins of the program, this clad half dollar was not specifically required to carry a domed shape, however the United States Mint exceeded the requirements of the authorizing legislation and was able to strike the coin with a unique domed shape.

2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollar

In the year prior to the release, the United States Mint had announced that the clad half dollars would have the same convex/concave shape that was to be used for the $5 gold coin and silver dollar of the program. Dick Peterson, Acting Director of the United States Mint, said, “We’re happy to not only meet, but also exceed, Congress’s expectations by minting the half-dollar clad coin in the same unique shape as the other National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins to accommodate the broadest range of our customers at the most affordable price.”

The clad half dollar would actually represent the first and still the only time that a national mint has produced a domed or curved shape coin struck in non-precious metal. The half dollar had a composition of 8.33% nickel, with the balance copper. The weight was 26.73 grams with an overall height of 0.243 inch.

The obverse design of the coin featured a baseball glove carrying the inscriptions “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and “2014”. The reverse design featured a baseball with inscriptions “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “Half Dollar”. The obverse was designed by Cassie MacFarland and engraved by Don Everhart. The reverse was designed and engraved by Don Everhart.

The half dollar was struck in proof format at the San Francisco Mint with the “S” mint mark and in uncirculated format at the Denver Mint with the “D” mint mark. A maximum mintage of 750,000 was established across both versions under the authorizing legislation.

Sales for the coins would open on March 27, 2014. The half dollars were priced at $18.95 for the uncirculated version and $19.95 for the proof version. After the conclusion of an introductory period, the prices would be increased to $22.95 for the uncirculated and $23.95 for the proof version. At the start of sales, an ordering limit of 100 coins per version per household was imposed.

The opening day sales for the half dollars reached 43,376 proofs and 29,978 uncirculated coins, representing an extremely strong start for a commemorative half dollar.

On July 28, 2014, the United States Mint would also offer the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors Set. This product included the uncirculated half dollar within a tri-fold presentation folder containing historical information about the sport of baseball and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. The product was priced at $24.95 each.

Unlike the silver dollars and $5 gold coins offered under the commemorative coin program, the half dollars never reached a sell out of the maximum authorized mintage. The proof half dollar had a final mintage of 257,173 and the uncirculated half dollar had a mintage of 176,446.

Coin Specifications

Designer: Cassie McFarland (obverse), Don Everhart (reverse)
Weight: 11.34 g
Composition: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel
Diameter: 30.61 mm
Maximum Authorized Mintage: 750,000

2014-D Uncirculated Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollar

Pre-Issue Price: $18.95
Regular Price:
Final Mintage: 176,446

2014-S Proof Baseball Hall of Fame Half Dollar

Pre-Issue Price: $19.95
Regular Price:
Final Mintage: 257,173

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