Modern Commemorative Coin Mintages

The mintages for modern commemorative coins issued by the United States Mint are dependent upon the total number of coins sold to collectors during the specified offering period. The number of coins issued under each program is also subject to a certain maximum mintage indicated in the authorizing legislation. In general, coins with the lowest mintages are the most valuable for their respective denominations.

Commemorative coins have experienced low mintage levels for a variety of factors. Over the years, some programs have carried themes or designs that did not experience a high degree of popularity with buyers, resulting in lower sales. The number of other numismatic products offered concurrently has also played a factor. During and immediately following periods with a large number of different commemorative coins issued, the number coins sold for each program has suffered. Collector preference for proof versions compared to uncirculated versions also plays a factor. In almost all cases, the total sales for proofs is higher than for uncirculated coins. Different packaging options can have an impact, as coins included in multi-coin sets or special collectible products can experience higher sales than coins only offered individually. Finally, in recent years, the price of precious metals seems to have had an impact. Gold and silver coins have become more expensive, prompting some collectors to cut back on their purchases.

Some of the most well known low mintage modern commemorative coins include the uncirculated version of the 1997 Jackie Robinson $5 Gold Coin, numerous issues from the 1995-1996 Olympic commemorative program, and the uncirculated version of the 2000-W Library of Congress $10 Gold and Platinum Coin.

The modern commemoratives with the highest mintages primarily consist of the earlier issues. After nearly 30 years without commemorative offerings, there was a high level of pent up demand and collector excitement. The 1982 George Washington Half Dollar sold more than 7 million coins across the proof and uncirculated offerings. This high level was exceeded by the number of 1986 Statue of Liberty Half Dollars and Silver Dollars sold.

The pages of this website dedicated to each individual modern commemorative coin include the maximum authorized mintage and final mintage. All of the final mintages are listed in the table below for easier access.

Modern Commemorative Coin Mintage Figures

Uncirculated Proof
1982-D George Washington Half Dollar 2,210,458
1982-S George Washington Half Dollar 4,894,044
1983-P Olympic Silver Dollar 294,543
1983-D Olymipc Silver Dollar 174,014
1983-S Olympic Silver Dollar 174,014 1,577,025
1984-P Olympic Silver Dollar 217,954
1984-D Olympic Silver Dollar 116,675
1984-S Olympic Silver Dollar 116,675 1,801,210
1984-P Olympic $10 Gold 33,309
1984-D Olympic $10 Gold 34,533
1984-S Olympic $10 Gold 48,551
1984-W Olympic $10 Gold 75,886 381,085
1986-D Statue of Liberty Half Dollar 928,008
1986-S Statue of Liberty Half Dollar 6,925,627
1986-P Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar 723,635
1986-S Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar 6,414,638
1986-W Statue of Liberty $5 Gold 95,248 404,013
1987-P Constitution Silver Dollar 451,629
1987-S Constitution Silver Dollar 2,747,116
1987-W Constitution $5 Gold 214,225 651,659
1988-D Olympic Silver Dollar 191,368
1988-S Olympic Silver Dollar 1,359,366
1988-W Olympic $5 Gold 62,913 281,465
1989-D Congress Half Dollar 163,753
1989-S Congress Half Dollar 767,897
1989-D Congress Silver Dollar 135,203
1989-S Congress Silver Dollar 762,198
1989-W Congress $5 Gold 46,899 164,690
1990-W Eisenhower Silver Dollar 241,669 1,144,461
1991-D Mount Rushmore Half Dollar 172,754
1991-S Mount Rushmore Half Dollar 753,257
1991-P Mount Rushmore Silver Dollar 133,139
1991-S Mount Rushmore Silver Dollar 738,419
1991-W Mount Rushmore $5 Gold 31,959 111,991
1991-P Korean War Silver Dollar 618,488
1991-D Korean War Silver Dollar 213,049
1991-D USO Silver Dollar 124,958
1991-S USO Silver Dollar 321,275
1992-P Olympic Half Dollar 161,607
1992-S Olymipc Half Dollar 519,645
1992-D Olympic Silver Dollar 187,552
1992-S Olympic Silver Dollar 504,505
1992-W Olymipc $5 Gold 27,732 77,313
1992-D White House Silver Dollar 123,803
1992-W White House Silver Dollar 375,851
1992-D Columbus Half Dollar 135,702
1992-S Colubus Half Dollar 390,154
1992-D Columbus Silver Dollar 106,949
1992-S Columbus Silver Dollar 385,241
1992-W Columbus $5 Gold 24,329 79,730
1993-W Bill of Rights Half Dollar 193,346
1993-S Bill of Rights Half Dollar 586,315
1993-D Bill of Rights Silver Dollar 98,383
1993-S Bill of Rights Silver Dollar 534,001
1993-W Bill of Rights $5 Gold 23,266 78,651
1991-1995-P World War II Half Dollar 197,072 317,396
1991-1995-D World War II Silver Dollar 107,240
1991-1995-W World War II Silver Dollar 342,041
1991-1995-W World War II $5 Gold 23,672 67,026
1994-D World Cup Half Dollar 168,208
1994-P World Cup Half Dollar 609,354
1994-D World Cup Silver Dollar 81,524
1994-S World Cup Silver Dollar 577,090
1994-W World Cup $5 Gold 22,447 89,614
1993-P Thomas Jefferson Silver Dollar 266,927
1993-S Thomas Jefferson Silver Dollar 332,891
1994-W Vietnam Veterans Silver Dollar 57,290
1994-P Vietnam Veterans Silver Dollar 227,671
1994-W POW Silver Dollar 54,893
1994-P POW Silver Dollar 224,449
1994-W Women in Military Silver Dollar 69,860
1994-P Women in Military Silver Dollar 241,278
1994-D US Capitol Silver Dollar 68,332
1994-S US Capitol Silver Dollar 279,579
1995-S Civil War Half Dollar 119,520 330,002
1995-P Civil War Silver Dollar 45,866
1995-S Civil War Silver Dollar 437,114
1995-W Civil War $5 Gold 12,735 55,246
1995-S Olympics Basketball Half Dollar 171,001 169,655
1995-S Olympics Baseball Half Dollar 164,605 118,087
1996-S Olymipcs Swimming Half Dollar 49,533 114,315
1996-S Olympics Soccer Half Dollar 52,836 112,412
1995-D Olympics Gymnastics Silver Dollar 42,497
1995-P Olympics Gymnastics Silver Dollar 182,676
1995-D Olympics Track and Field Silver Dollar 24,976
1995-P Olympics Track and Field Silver Dollar 136,935
1995-D Olympics Cycling Silver Dollar 19,662
1995-P Olympics Cycling Silver Dollar 118,795
1995-D Paralympics Silver Dollar 28,649
1995-P Paralympics Silver Dollar 138,337
1996-D Olympics Tennis Silver Dollar 15,983
1996-P Olympics Tennis Silver Dollar 92,016
1996-D Olympics Rowing Silver Dollar 16,258
1996-P Olympics Rowing Silver Dollar 84,280
1996-D Olympics High Jump Silver Dollar 15,697
1996-P Olympics High Jump Silver Dollar 151,890
1996-D Paralympics Silver Dollar 14,497
1996-P Paralympics Silver Dollar 124,502
1995-W Torch Runner $5 Gold 14,675 57,442
1995-W Stadium $5 Gold 10,579 43,124
1996-W Flag Bearer $5 Gold 9,174 32,886
1996-W Cauldron $5 Gold 9,210 38,555
1995-W Special Olympics Silver Dollar 89,301
1995-P Special Olympics Silver Dollar 351,764
1996-S National Community Service Silver Dollar 23,500 101,543
1996-D Smithsonian Silver Dollar 31,320
1996-P Smithsonian Silver Dollar 129,152
1996-W Smithsonian $5 Gold 9,068 21,772
1997-P Botanic Garden Silver Dollar 58,505 189,671
1997-S Jackie Robinson Silver Dollar 30,180 110,002
1997-W Jackie Robinson $5 Gold 5,174 24,072
1997-W Franklin Roosevelt $5 Gold 11,894 29,474
1997-P Law Enforcement Silver Dollar 28,575 110,428
1998-S Robert F. Kennedy Silver Dollar 106,422 99,020
1998-S Black War Patriots Silver Dollar 37,210 75,070
1999-P Dolley Madison Silver Dollar 89,104 224,403
1999-W George Washington $5 Gold 22,511 41,693
1999-P Yellowstone Silver Dollar 82,563
1999-S Yellowstone Silver Dollar 187,595
2000-P Library of Congress Silver Dollar 53,264 198,503
2000-W Library of Congress $10 Gold Platinum 7,261 27,445
2000-P Leif Ericson Silver Dollar 28,150 144,748
2001-D American Buffalo Silver Dollar 227,131
2001-P American Buffalo Silver Dollar 272,869
2001-P Capitol Visitor Center Half Dollar 99,157 77,962
2001-P Capitol Visitor Center Silver Dollar 35,380 143,793
2001-W Capitol Visitor Center $5 Gold 6,761 27,652
2002-P Salt Lake City Silver Dollar 40,257 166,864
2002-W Salt Lake City $5 Gold 10,585 32,877
2002-W West Point Silver Dollar 103,201 288,293
2003-P First Flight Half Dollar 57,122 109,710
2003-P Fight Flight Silver Dollar 53,533 190,240
2003-W First Flight $5 Gold Coin 10,009 21,676
2004-P Thomas Edison Silver Dollar 92,510 211,055
2004-P Lewis and Clark Silver Dollar 142,015 351,989
2005-P John Marshall Silver Dollar 67,096 196,753
2005-P Marine Corps Silver Dollar 49,671 548,810
2006-P Benjamin Franklin Silver Dollar Scientist 58,000 142,000
2006-P Benjamin Franklin Silver Dollar Founding Father 58,000 142,000
2006-S San Francisco Old Mint Silver Dollar 67,100 160,870
2006-S San Francisco Old Mint $5 Gold 17,500 44,174
2007-P Jamestown Silver Dollar 81,034 260,363
2007-W Jamestown $5 Gold 18,623 47,123
2007-P Little Rock Silver Dollar 66,093
2007-S Little Rock Silver Dollar 124,678
2008-S Bald Eagle Half Dollar 120,180 220,577
2008-P Bald Eagle Silver Dollar 119,204 294,601
2008-W Bald Eagle $5 Gold 15,009 59,269
2009-P Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar 125,000 375,000
2009-P Louis Braille Silver Dollar 82,639 135,235
2010-W American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar 78,301 202,770
2010-P Boy Scouts Silver Dollar 105,020 244,963
2011-P Medal of Honor Silver Dollar 44,752
2011-S Medal of Honor Silver Dollar 112,833
2011-P Medal of Honor $5 Gold 8,233
2011-S Medal of Honor $5 Gold 17,999
2011-P U.S. Army Half Dollar 39,442
2011-S U.S. Army Half Dollar 68,332
2011-P U.S. Army Silver Dollar 43,512
2011-S U.S. Army Silver Dollar 119,829
2011-P U.S. Army $5 Gold 8,052
2011-S U.S. Army $5 Gold 17,148
2012-W Infantry Silver Dollar  44,348 161,151
2012-W Star Spangled Banner $5 Gold  7,006 18,299
2012-P Star Spangled Banner Silver Dollar 168,981
2012-S Star Spangled Banner Silver Dollar  41,679
 2013-W Girl Scouts Silver Dollar 37,462 86,355
 2013-P 5-Star Generals Half Dollar  38,095
 2013-S 5-Star Generals Half Dollar 47,326
 2013-W 5-Star Generals Silver Dollar  34,638
 2013-S 5-Star Generals Silver Dollar 69,283
 2013-P 5-Star Generals $5 Gold  5,667
 2013-S 5-Star Generals $5 Gold 15,834
 2014-D Baseball HOF Half Dollar  176,446
 2014-S Baseball HOF Half Dollar 257,173
 2014-P Baseball HOF Silver Dollar 131,924 268,076
 2014-W Baseball HOF $5 Gold  17,677 32,427
 2014-P Civil Rights Act Silver Dollar  24,720 61,992
2015-D US Marshals Half Dollar 38,149
2015-S US Marshals Half Dollar 76,549
2015-P US Marshals Silver Dollar 38,149 124,329
2015-W US Marshals $5 Gold 6,743 24,959
2015-P March of Dimes Silver Dollar 24,742 132,030