1995 Olympic Cycling Silver Dollar

1995 Olympic Cycling Silver Dollar

The 1995 Olympic Cycling Silver Dollar was one of sixteen coins issued to commemorate the 1996 Summer Olympic Games held in Atlanta, Georgia. The coins were released over the course of two years from 1995 to 1996 and included clad half dollars, silver dollars, and $5 gold coins.

The obverse of the Cycling Silver Dollar features three men cycling in the center of the coin. The surrounding inscriptions include “XXVI Olympiad”, “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, the date, and the USA Olympics logo. The obverse was designed by John Mercanti of the United States Mint.

The reverse of the coin portrays two hands clasped beneath the a modernistic rendition of the Olympic torch. The joined hands represent the brotherhood and team spirit of the Olympic Games. The inscriptions read “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, “Atlanta” and “One Dollar”. The reverse was designed by William Krawczewicz and modeled by T. James Ferrell.

The 1995 Cycling  Silver Dollar was issued in proof and uncirculated with a combined maximum authorized mintage of 750,000 coins. The proof coins were minted in Philadelphia and the uncirculated coins were minted at Denver. The coins were included in some multi-coin sets offered by the US Mint, as well as individually. This coin had the lowest mintage of any of the 1995 Silver Dollars and today carries a premium because of this low mintage.

Coin Specifications

Designer: John Mercanti (obverse), William Krawczewicz (reverse)
Weight: 26.7300 g
Composition: 90% Silver (0.7736 ounces of silver)
Diameter: 38.1 mm
Maximum Authorized Mintage: 750,000

1995-D Uncirculated Track and Field Silver Dollar

Pre-Issue Price: $27.95
Regular Price: $31.95
Final Mintage: 19,662

1995-P Proof Track and Field Silver Dollar

Pre-Issue Price: $30.95
Regular Price: $34.95
Final Mintage: 118,795